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Every person whose life is improved or saved from an act of generosity that's purely voluntary, That's why donating is so extraordinary when you do it

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Charity Upto 40 lakhs can be raised for a cause

Why Charity Is Important?

             There are people who survive because of your donations. Without your donations their life would be hard .Some are bedridden and unable to work . No social security to fall back on, No Government help — Your donations give them a little bit of dignity and some supplies to live on. Without your donations the future is very bleak ,life unbearable and some resort to crime and prostitution.Your donations enable the children have one meal a day a uniform and books and shoes to go to school and get an education and improve their opportunities in life. With out your donations this can not happen . School fees are paid because of your generosity but have no one to assist them. End result is teenage pregnancy and early marriages.That is why your donations go a long way in assisting the poor and needy in society. If the donations are not regular it becomes very difficult to run the programs and interventions that are done by various NGO'S .

Regular or large one off donations go a long way in making a difference in people's lives.