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Penguin Tamil Movie Review Starring Keerthy Suresh-On Amazon Prime

Language : Tamil

Rating : 3/5

Cast : Keerthy Suresh, Master Advait , Mathialagan | Director : Eshwar Karthik

Co producer : Karthik Subbaraj | Music : Santhosh Narayanan


If the title Penguin brought cute visuals of Happy Feet(2006) to mind, the trailer firmly put that to rest. Eashvar Karthic’s Tamil filmPenguin is about a metaphoric seabird who dares to face hell or highwater to protect her child from danger. In the film, Rhythm — played by an in-control Keerthy Suresh — is the Mama Penguin. Her adamant, yet decelerated, pursuit to find her son, Ajay, is the rest of the film. readmore


Key People On Screen

  1. Keerthy Suresh As Rhythm

2. Master Advaith As Ajay

3. Maddy As Cyrus

4. Mathialagan As Dr David

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